Texting and Driving Habits Hard to Change

For local instructors, problem is getting worse

Coca-Cola Controversy

Is Exercising More or Eating Less Better for Weight Loss?

ACL Injury Epidemic

Number of injuries to anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL) nearly tripled in the last 25 years

Operation Walk Syracuse steps in to help disabled around the world

Volunteers from CNY making a difference in the lives of people in Guatemala, other parts of the world

Meet Your Doctor: Mickey Lebowitz, M.D.

New Crouse’s VP of medical affairs explains what changes he has seen in medical field since he wrote “Losing My Patience — Why I Quit the Medical Game”


Understanding one’s way through emergency, urgent care options

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Local Down Syndrome Association: Two Decades of Advocacy

  Women’s Issues  

Menstrual Cups Offer Women Third Option

Method seen as substitute for tampons, pads

The Gianna Center offers family planning the natural way

Syracuse clinic positions itself as an alternative to Planned Parenthood

Savvy Senior

Jim Miler discusses “Adjusted Flu Vaccine Options Available to Seniors This Yearl”

Live Alone & Thrive

Gwenn Voelckers on “Setting goals can help restore your confidence”

Smart Bites

Anne Palumbo says “Little pumpkin seeds are big on nutrition”

Healthcare in a Minute

George W. Chapman takes a hard look at today’s medical issues

My Turn

Eva Briggs talk about “Asymmetry”


Melissa Stefanac on “Finding the Unexpected in No. 2”