The ‘July Effect’ — Real Phenomenon or Myth

A study states that medical errors increase 10 percent in teaching hospitals during the month of July as a result of new doctors coming into the profession. Experts offer a criticism of the study.

Millions More Long-Term Care Workers Needed by 2030: Study

Biggest need is in home and personal care aides, expert says.

Wanted: Nurses to Work at Hospice CNY

Hospice coping with nursing shortage.

Bionic Pancreas Offers New Hope for Type 1 Diabetics

New technology being developed at Boston University; other research, including pancreatic cell transplantation, also brings hope.

Treadmill Can Pose Serious Danger

Emergency departments across the country report 24,400 injuries associated with treadmills.

Meet Your Doctor: Padma Ram, M.D.

Physician strikes out on her own — opens first urgent care center in Oswego. “I totally believe in private practice,” she says.

‘100 Deadliest Days for Teens’

Upstate Medical University’s Trauma Center offers tips to keep teen drivers safe.

When Should You Start a Conversation About Prostate Cancer?

Not at 35, says SUNY Upstate urologist.

Americans May Be Wasting More Food Than They Think

New survey on wasted food finds efforts to reduce individual waste should focus on financial costs.

  Women’s Issues  

False Breast Cancer Alarm Has Negative Impact on Health

The psychological strain of being told that you may have breast cancer may be severe, even if it turns out later to be a false alarm.

Menopause & Complementary Medicine

More women turning to alternative medicine for menopause without medical guidance.

Strong Bones After 50? Women May Not Need Next Test Until 65

Fracture risk was very low for younger postmenopausal women with no osteoporosis, study found.

Breast Care Partners Emphasizes Team Approach

New collaboration involves breast-health professionals in CNY working to provide the most effective and beneficial treatment for breast cancer.

Can a Blood Test Predict You’ll Get Cancer?

Possibility of predicting breast cancer through metabolic blood profile could add yet another weapon in the fight against breast cancer.

Urinary Tract Infections Harder to Treat

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) have become harder for physicians to treat. New strains of bacteria resistant to antibiotics have developed, making the infections more difficult for doctors to treat, especially in populations of immuno-suppressed women.

  Summer Safety  

Sunscreen: Don’t Skip the Lips and Other Spots

Summertime is sun time. Many people take a few moments to apply sunscreen to save themselves from a nasty burn and future skin damage, but some don’t apply it everywhere they should.