Drug Overdose-related Deaths Double from 1999 to 2012

The rate of heroin-related deaths nearly tripled between 1999 and 2012

Good-bye Paper Scripts

Starting in March, all prescriptions will be in the electronic form

Charity care declines, but not in CNY

With subsidized health plans available and Medicaid expanding in 26 states, some hospitals are scaling back their charity care programs, which offer health care financial assistance to those in need at no charge or at a reduced charge when they meet financial eligibility requirements.

Nurse Shannon Tilbe a ‘Real Hero’ 

Tilbe’s quick action and her nursing skills helped save a young woman’s life. It also made her an American Red Cross “real hero.”

Homegrown Doc

New Onondaga County Medical Society president deeply rooted in Syracuse area

Meet Your Doctor: Gennady Bratslavsky

Urology chief at Upstate talks about why prostate cancer doesn’t get the same attention as breast cancer and how campaigns such as ‘Movember Mustache Challenge” tries to change that

Activity Bracelets Becoming More Popular

But do they work in keeping people fitter? Experts weigh in

Eat Well to Feel Well

Many people take prescription pills to treat health issues; however, the food you put in your mouth is “medicine” as well. The nutrients food contains nourish our bodies’ functions — or not. Several factors play into whether or not your body gets what it needs.

  New Year’s Resolutions   

What Your Doctor Wants You to Do in 2015

Losing weight and quitting smoking are on top of doctors’ wish lists for their patients 

Resolutions Why Are They so Hard to Keep?

About a year ago, we felt sure 2014 would be the year we’d get in shape, keep our regular doctor check-ups and kick our bad habits to the curb. Yet it’s a new year and nothing has changed. Why must we keep making the same resolutions year after year?

Firm Resolve

What are some of our neighbors’ New Year’s resolutions? 

  Women’s issues  

Hyperemesis Gravidarum: More Than Morning Sickness

The former Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, has brought hyperemesis gravidarum again into the spotlight with her second pregnancy. With each of her pregnancies, the royal mum has experienced what’s commonly known as “severe morning sickness.” 

The Pill Remains Most Common Method of Birth Control

But long-acting IUDs are gaining in popularity, experts note


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The Power of Red

Live Alone & Thrive by Gwenn Voelckers

 A Dozen Don’ts for 2015

"Parenting" by Melissa Stefanec

 The United States—a Third-world Nation

"Smart Bites" by Anne Palumbo

 What Makes Romaine So Remarkable

"Savvy Senior" by Jim Miller

 How to Improve Your Balance as You Age